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In this paper, we describe Kimura, an augmented office environment to support common multitasking practices. Previous systems, such as Rooms, limit users by constraining the interaction to the desktop monitor. In Kimura, we leverage interactive projected peripheral displays to support the perusal, manipulation and awareness of background activities.(More)
Modeling is important in object-oriented software development. Although a number of Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tools are available, and even though some are technically advanced, few developers use them. This paper describes our attempt to examine the requirements needed to provide tool support for the development process, and describes and(More)
A software ecosystem is the interaction of a set of actors on top of a common technological platform that results in a number of software solutions or services. Arguably, software ecosystems are gaining importance with the advent of, e.g., the Google Android, Apache, and Salesforce.com ecosystems. However , there exists no systematic overview of the(More)
The health of a software ecosystem is an indication of how well the ecosystem is functioning. The measurement of health can point to issues that need to be addressed in the ecosystem and areas for the ecosystem to improve. However, the software ecosystem field lacks an applicable way to measure and evaluate health. In this work, we review the literature(More)
The aim was to investigate whether quantitative job demands influence muscle activity among women, and whether there are gender differences in duration of computer, mouse, and keyboard use and muscle activity of shoulder and forearm muscles during work. The study was carried out in an occupational setting, and 24 women and 11 men from a municipal(More)
Modeling is central to doing and learning object-oriented development. We present a new tool, Ideogramic UML, for gesture-based collaborative modeling with the Unified Modeling Language (UML), which can be used to collaboratively teach and learn modeling. Furthermore, we discuss how we have effectively used Ideogramic UML to teach object-oriented modeling(More)
Proprioception is an important effect measure in neuromuscular function training in physiotherapy. Reliability studies of methods for measuring proprioception are few on joint position sense (JPS) and threshold to detection of a passive movement (TDPM) on the elbow. The aim was to study test-retest reliability of elbow-JPS and elbow-TDPM. A total of 45(More)
We detail the notion of architectural scripting (ASL) as a way to model the dynamic aspects of runtime and deployment-time software architecture. This is complementary to the ability of architecture description languages to model architectures statically in that we define scripting operations to modify architectures at runtime. The scripting operations have(More)
A major part of software architecture design is learning how specific architectural designs balance the concerns of stakeholders. We explore the notion of " architectural prototypes " , correspondingly architectural prototyping, as a means of using executable prototypes to investigate stake-holders' concerns with respect to a system under development. An(More)