Klaus Krischan

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Operating single phase fed motors across a wide range of speed and load single phase fed motors across a wide range of speed and load with high efficiency is of growing interest. The paper at hand presents an investigation into the efficiency of different low cost variable speed drive concepts (namely phase control, integral (half) cycle control and(More)
This paper introduces a detailed nonlinearity characterization technique for insulated-gate bipolar transistor inverters in a drive system which is able to measure device nonlinearities. Methods are derived from measurements of the voltage on the inverter phases. These measurements are obtained while applying a set of direct currents to an electrical(More)
An electrical drive consisting of a pwm-fed, digital-signal-processor controlled dc-motor, of a gearbox and the load is investigated. The gearbox features a high gear transmission ratio and converts the rotation of the dc-motor into a vertical translatory movement. Due to construction insufficiencies the gearbox causes torque disturbances, which influence(More)
The aim of the constructed emulator system, in association with a mathematical simulation model of an actuator running on a digital-signal-processor-HIL system (Hardware-in-the-Loop system) is to replace a real actuator and its positioning sensors. The emulator is the physical link between the real actuator supply electronics and the mathematical actuator(More)
Today, performing life tests on power semiconductor devices is of major importance in industrial and automotive power applications. Traditionally, qualification tests, like the HTOL test, are carried out in a semi-automated manner. This paper first reviews different test methods and a recently proposed modular test system (MTS) that allows testing of(More)
The conventional model describing the electrical and mechanical properties of a permanent magnet dc-motor drive is extended in order to take into account the oscillations of the induced voltage that are caused by slotting effects, and - as the electrical machine investigated is fed from a PWM-inverter - in order to include the inverter's voltage drop.(More)
This paper presents the design of an inner rotor Permanent Magnet (PM) motor using a two-step approach. The first step consists of retrieving the basic geometric and electric constants using a combination of both an analytic and a multi-objective Genetic Algorithm (GA). This technique allows the most efficient and cheapest motor for a certain type of home(More)
Operating single phase induction motors across a wide range of speed and load with high efficiency is still of interest. In the paper at hand the suitability of several different capacitor run single phase induction machines for Phase Control, Integral (Half) Cycle Control or Integral Switched Cycle Control is investigated. The induction machine's model's(More)
Knowledge about the magnetic quantities in a magnetic circuit is always of great interest. On the one hand, this information is needed for the simulation of a transformer. On the other hand, parameter studies are more reliable, if the magnetic quantities are derived from a well established model. One possibility to model the 3-phase transformer is by using(More)