Klaus Konig

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We report the observation of two-photon f luorescence excitation in a continuous-wave (cw) single-beam gradient force optical trap and demonstrate its use as an in situ probe to study the physiological state of an optically confined sample. In particular, a cw Nd:YAG (1064-nm) laser is used simultaneously to conf ine, and excite visible f luorescence from(More)
In the present work, the authors investigated ultrastructural changes as well as the reproduction behaviour of preselected single CHO-K1 cells exposed to 170 femtosecond laser pulses at different power output levels in comparison with cells outside the illumination volume. The ultrashort laser pulses were provided by an 80 MHz Ti:sapphire laser at 780 nm.(More)
The novel femtosecond laser multiphoton imaging system DermaInspect forin vivotomography of human skin was used to study the diffusion and intradermal accumulation of topically applied cosmetic and pharmaceutical components. Near-infrared 80 MHz picojoule femtosecond laser pulses were employed to excite endogenous fluorophores and fluorescent components of(More)