Klaus Kolitz

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Presently, a multiplicity of trading systems provide electronic markets with various market rules to professional and private investors in different sectors. This range only partially reflects the individual requirements dependent on the type of product and the environmental context of the trade. There is need for individual solutions satisfying these(More)
Electronic markets facilitate the trade of various products between individual traders. Both, the products’ individual characteristics and the market participants preferences make specific demands on the market model. This results in trading identical products in different markets. The concept of combining market models allows the traders to participate in(More)
Die Entwicklung neuer elektronischer Märkte ist eine anspruchsvolle Aufgabe. Das Market Engineering definiert dafür einen strukturierten Entwicklungsprozess. Vor der Einführung der neu entwickelten Märkte im Rahmen des Market Engineering Prozesses müssen diese aber erst getestet und evaluiert werden. Dazu können Laborexperimente einen wichtigen Beitrag(More)
Nora is a joint project between Concordia University, Canada, and University Karlsruhe, Germany, through which a group of researchers of Auction and Negotiation meet together in order to deeply investigate the differences and possible impacts of the use of different electronic market mechanisms. The objective of the project is to build a comprehensive(More)
Today’s financial electronic markets are a result of the remarkable development in information technology during the last years. With the growth of electronization in financial markets and the establishment of new electronic trading services the design of the market structure moved in the focus of interest. Design decisions determine the market(More)
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