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This paper describes the continuous time modelling of the heat dynamics of a building. The considered building is a residential like test house divided into two test rooms with a water based central heating. Each test room is divided into thermal zones in order to describe both short and long term variations. Besides modelling the heat transfer between(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIM Early detection enables the possibility for interventions to reduce the future burden of COPD. The Danish National Board of Health recommends that individuals >35 years with tobacco/occupational exposure, and at least 1 respiratory symptom should be offered a spirometry to facilitate early detection of COPD. The aim, therefore, was to(More)
BACKGROUND Short-term exposure to air pollution can trigger hospital admissions for asthma in children, but it is not known which components of air pollution are most important. There are no available studies on the particular effect of ultrafine particles (UFPs) on paediatric admissions for asthma. AIM To study whether short-term exposure to air(More)
The incidence of oropharyngeal carcinoma, involving palatine and lingual tonsils, is increasing globally. This significant rise is driven by human papillomavirus. Whether palatine tonsillectomy affects risk of diagnosis with oropharyngeal carcinoma is unknown. The association between tonsillectomy and incidence of oropharyngeal carcinoma was explored in the(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Stroke patients with hemorrhagic (HS) and ischemic strokes were compared with regard to stroke severity, mortality, and cardiovascular risk factors. METHODS A registry started in 2001, with the aim of registering all hospitalized stroke patients in Denmark, now holds information for 39,484 patients. The patients underwent an(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE We describe the prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors at stroke onset in men and women of all ages. METHODS A registry started in 2001, designed to register all hospitalized stroke patients in Denmark, now holds 40,102 patients with first-ever ischemic stroke. Patients underwent evaluation including stroke severity (Scandinavian(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Evidence of a causal relation between serum cholesterol and stroke is inconsistent. We investigated the relation between total serum cholesterol and both stroke severity and poststroke mortality to test the hypothesis that hypercholesterolemia is primarily associated with minor stroke. METHODS In the study, 652 unselected patients(More)
BACKGROUND Obesity is an established cardiovascular risk factor. We studied the association between body mass index (BMI) and all-cause mortality after stroke. METHODS A registry started in 2001 with the aim to register all hospitalized stroke patients in Denmark now includes 21,884 patients in whom BMI was recorded. There are five BMI groups: underweight(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Years of exposure to tobacco smoke substantially increase the risk for stroke. Whether long-term exposure to outdoor air pollution can lead to stroke is not yet established. We examined the association between long-term exposure to traffic-related air pollution and incident and fatal stroke in a prospective cohort study. METHODS We(More)
BACKGROUND Age-related hormonal factors are thought to be related to the gender gap in longevity. Testing the hypothesis that survival is best in young premenopausal women we studied the effect of age on 1-week mortality in stroke patients. METHODS A registry was started in 2001 with the aim of registering all hospitalized patients in Denmark. The(More)