Klaus Hausmann

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A specific exocytic process, the discharge of spindle trichocyts of Paramecium caudatum, was examined by means of the electron microscope. This exocytosis is induced by an electric shock simultaneously in nearly all of the trichocysts (ca. 6,000-8,000) of a single cell. Single paramecia were subjected to the shock and then fixed at defined times after the(More)
Paramecium may be the best known single-celled organism in existence (Hausmann et al., 2003). Today its image often appears on television programs where the producers use it to illustrate a stereotypic microorganism, be it pathogenic or nonpathogenic, prokaryotic or eukaryotic. Paramecium was probably one of the first single-celled organisms observed with a(More)
Die aufgelisteten Manuskripte/Publikationen sind im Zuge der Dissertation entstanden. Anteile an der Erstellung sind vermerkt. Manuskript 1 Beckers P, J von Döhren & T Bartolomaeus (zur Publikation angenommen) Reproduction in Lineus viridis (Heteronemertea) indicates pheromone mediated mating behaviour. Marine Biology Anteile an der Arbeit: Manuskript 3(More)
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