Klaus Hausmann

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Paramecium may be the best known single-celled organism in existence (Hausmann et al., 2003). Today its image often appears on television programs where the producers use it to illustrate a stereotypic microorganism, be it pathogenic or nonpathogenic, prokaryotic or eukaryotic. Paramecium was probably one of the first single-celled organisms observed with a(More)
Die aufgelisteten Manuskripte/Publikationen sind im Zuge der Dissertation entstanden. Anteile an der Erstellung sind vermerkt. Manuskript 1 Beckers P, J von Döhren & T Bartolomaeus (zur Publikation angenommen) Reproduction in Lineus viridis (Heteronemertea) indicates pheromone mediated mating behaviour. Marine Biology Anteile an der Arbeit: Manuskript 3(More)
H. vermiculare possesses about 10 somatic kineties on the right lateral side, 3 somatic kineties on the left lateral side and a single circumoral kinety. The somatic kineties are composed of monokinetids exc\~ept for the anterior ends of the brush kineties which are composed of dikinetids. The circumoral kinety consists of paired kinetosomes one of which is(More)
1005 SIR,-May we, through the courtesy of your columns, inform surgeons, radiotherapists and other interested doctors of a new clinical trial which will shortly be launched? This will be a nationwide study, supported by the Cancer Research Campaign, in which the main objective will be to compare two types of treatment. Patients will be prospectively(More)
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