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We describe the status of the effort to realize a first neutrino factory and the progress made in understanding the problems associated with the collection and cooling of muons towards that end. We summarize the physics that can be done with neutrino factories as well as with intense cold beams of muons. The physics potential of muon colliders is reviewed,(More)
Specific alterations in systemic circulation due to fluid shift in microgravity may lead to a rise in intraocular pressure (IOP). This situation can be simulated by head-down tilt. Several series of tonometry were performed using a handheld applanation tonometer: (1) Short time postural changes up to -90 degrees head down and back. (2) A period of 2 h in(More)
For further maintenance of the medieval fortress it seemed necessary in 1997 to start a serious renovation of the whole complex of the various buildings. To record and document the situation before and compare it to the status after the renovation a photogrammetric recording was initiated. We used some of the existing data of this documentation and(More)
As one method of surveying seldom meets all needs for recording complex shapes and surfaces of a historic building, a combination of methods (tacheometry, photogrammetry and manual measurements) has often to be used. Each of the methods has its advantages, either in easy recording of global structures or in contributing a high level of details so a(More)
In early 2007 the special research program HiMAT – History of Mining Activities in Tyrol – was established at the University of Innsbruck. It is an interdisciplinary research project dedicated to the history of mining in Tyrol and adjacent areas, sponsored by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF). At present, the Surveying and Geoinformation Unit of University of(More)
Terrestrial laser scanners have achieved a great popularity in the last decade. Their easy on-site application and the possibility of a flexible and high quality post processing added to their success also in architectural, archaeological and heritage documentation. We present a method for handling the automatic registration of point clouds which are(More)
The original non-metric photographs of Antonio Gaudi's model dating back to about the year 1900 have been detected some years ago in a Catalonian architectural archive. These are probably the last existing ones because the rest of them had been destroyed during the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s. The problems during this first scanning of these outstanding(More)