Klaus Genuit

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8 SOUND & VIBRATION/DECEMBER 2009 We humans take in the world via a variety of senses. Interaction phenomena are expected in the context of sound and vibration. In fact, the evaluation of acoustical comfort in a vehicle cannot be achieved with consideration of only the airborne noise. A passenger must be regarded as part of a vibro-acoustic system in which(More)
A normal listening situation in a room involes, at least, a listener who has a pair of functioning ears. The emphasis does lie on the word ears because our auditory system can be referred to as a final receiver in this listening situation, while the human external-ear can be observed as an antenna of acoustic signals in the sense of telecomunication.(More)
A loudness measurement which takes account of the spectral and temporal structure of a sound event, better than the A-weighted SPL, has advantages. Nevertheless, it is not universally accepted because the loudness measurement does not allow a complete judgment of complex sound events comparable to human hearing. In addition to loudness, there are other(More)
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