Klaus Gebhardt

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BACKGROUND Urinary tract infections (UTI) are among the leading reasons for treatment in adult primary care medicine, accounting for a considerable percentage of antibiotic prescriptions. Because this problem is so common and so significant in routine clinical practice, a high level of diagnostic accuracy is essential. Antibiotics should not be prescribed(More)
BACKGROUND All members of the Statutory Health Insurance are entitled to receive preventive health examinations. The current concept, however, does not take individual risk factors into account systematically. To improve this, the "Bremen Health Examination" was developed. The central component is a screening questionnaire to be completed by the patient,(More)
INTRODUCTION Because hyperaldosteronism is the most common curable reason for secondary hypertension, screening is recommended. However, prevalence among general practice patients and feasibility of screening is still unclear. A design to assess prevalence in general practice and barriers against screening was created. METHODS This was an open,(More)
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