Klaus Gadow

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The dimorphism in reproductive allometry has received much attention, while rather little is known about the sexual dimorphism in the vegetative allometry of a dioecious species. This study presents vegetative and reproductive allometries for two dioecious tree species of the genus Rhamnus in north-eastern China. A power function and a linear model were(More)
  • C Adloff, J Blaha, J.-J Blaising, C Drancourt, A Espargilière, R Gaglione +164 others
  • 2014
Calorimeters with a high granularity are a fundamental requirement of the Particle Flow paradigm. This paper focuses on the prototype of a hadron calorimeter with analog readout, consisting of thirty-eight scintillator layers alternating with steel absorber planes. The scintilla-tor plates are finely segmented into tiles individually read out via Silicon(More)
This contribution complements Forest Ecosystems’ Thematic Series on “Forest Observational Studies”. We provide essential clarification regarding the definition and purpose of long-term field studies, review some of the extensive literature and discuss different approaches to collecting field data. We also describe two newly established forest observational(More)
National forest resource assessments and monitoring, commonly known as National Forest Inventories (NFI’s), constitute an important national information infrastructure in many countries. This study presents details about developments of the NFI in China, including sampling and plot design, and the uses of alternative data sources, and specifically • reviews(More)
Showers produced by positive hadrons in the highly granular CALICE scintillator-steel analogue hadron calorimeter were studied. The experimental data were collected at CERN and FNAL for single particles with initial momenta from 10 to 80 GeV/c. The calorimeter response and resolution and spatial characteristics of shower development for proton-and(More)
It has been alleged that populations of learning-disabled (LD) and emotionally disturbed (ED) children are essentially indistinguishable on important intervention-related symptoms. To examine this claim, a direct observation study of social interactions during class, lunch, and recess settings in two public schools was conducted. Teacher ratings of school(More)
The reproductive success of a female plant in a dioecious species may be affected by pollen limitation and resource limitation. This study presents evidence that the reproductive success of the dioecious understorey tree species, Rhamnus davurica, is affected by the distance to the nearest male. The sex ratios were female-biased, although showing(More)
  • C Adloff, J.-J Blaising, M Chefdeville, C Drancourt, R Gaglione, N Geffroy +212 others
  • 2014
The intrinsic time structure of hadronic showers influences the timing capability and the required integration time of hadronic calorimeters in particle physics experiments, and depends on the active medium and on the absorber of the calorimeter. With the CALICE T3B experiment, a setup of 15 small plastic scintillator tiles read out with Silicon(More)
Among the most important aspects of risk and hazard studies relating to forest ecosystems are maximum forest density and density-dependent tree survival. Long-term observations about the maximum density of unthinned Pinus patula and P. elliottii field plots based on the Correlated Curve Trend (CCT) spacing studies which were established almost 8 decades ago(More)
  • C Adloff, J.-J Blaising, M Chefdeville, C Drancourt, R Gaglione, N Geffroy +202 others
  • 2013
We investigate the three dimensional substructure of hadronic showers in the CAL-ICE scintillator-steel hadronic calorimeter. The high granularity of the detector is used to find track segments of minimum ionising particles within hadronic showers, providing sensitivity to the spatial structure and the details of secondary particle production in hadronic(More)