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BACKGROUND Giardia duodenalis and Entamoeba spp. are among the most common intestinal human protozoan parasites worldwide and they are frequently reported in captive non-human primates (NHP). From a public health point of view, infected animals in zoos constitute a risk for animal caretakers and visitors. In this study we carried out the molecular(More)
We present an approach to detect anatomical structures by configurations of interest points, from a single example image. The representation of the configuration is based on Markov Random Fields, and the detection is performed in a single iteration by the MAX-SUM algorithm. Instead of sequentially matching pairs of interest points, the method takes the(More)
In this contribution, an interfacial traction-separation-law based on elastoplasticity with Lemaitre-type-damage is applied. Related constitutive equations are decoupled with respect to a local orthonormal frame such that the stress–strain response is controlled independently in these directions. The constitutive traction-separation-law is applied to the(More)