Klaus Fraedrich

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Biodiversity in China is analyzed based on the components of the Dynamic Habitat Index (DHI). First, observed field survey based spatial patterns of species richness including threatened species are presented to test their linear relationship with remote sensing based DHI (2001–2010 MODIS). Areas with a high cumulative DHI component are associated with(More)
Research on global climate change requires plant functional type (PFT) products. Although several PFT mapping procedures for remote sensing imagery are being used, none of them appears to be specifically designed to map and evaluate PFTs over broad mountainous areas which are highly relevant regions to identify and analyze the response of natural(More)
Satellite-based precipitation monitoring at high spatial resolution is crucial for assessing the water and energy cycles at the global and regional scale. Based on the recently released 7th version of the Multi-satellite Precipitation Analysis (TMPA) product of the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM), and the monthly precipitation data (3B43) are(More)
Starting from the classical Saltzman two-dimensional convection equations, we derive via a severe spectral truncation a minimal 10 ODE system which includes the thermal effect of viscous dissipation. Neglecting this process leads to a dynamical system which includes a decoupled generalized Lorenz system. The consideration of this process breaks an important(More)
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