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(2014). PLASIM-ENTSem v1.0: a spatio-temporal emulator of future climate change for impacts assessment. Geoscientific Model Development, 7 pp. 433–451. For guidance on citations see FAQs. Copyright and Moral Rights for the articles on this site are retained by the individual authors and/or other copyright owners. For more information on Open Research(More)
The impact of mountains and ice sheets on the large-scale circulation of the world's oceans is investigated in a series of simulations with a new coupled ocean–atmosphere model [Oregon State University–University of Victoria model (OSUVic)], in which the height of orography is scaled from 1.5 times the actual height (at T42 resolution) to 0 (no mountains).(More)
The ability of analysing atmospheric dynamics by idealized experiments using a simplified circulation model is illustrated in three related studies. The investigations focus on the organization of localized strom tracks, their impact on low-frequency variability, and on the response to external thermal forcing. A localized storm track in agreement with(More)
A general circulation model of the Martian Atmosphere is coupled with a 3-dimensional polythermal ice-sheet model of the polar ice caps. With this combination a series of experiments is carried out to investigate the impact of long-term obliquity change on the Martian north polar ice cap (NPC). The behaviour of the NPC is tested under obliquities of y ¼ 15(More)
Maximum entropy production and the strength of boundary layer exchange in an atmospheric general circulation model. * A postprint is a digital draft of a research journal article after it has been peer reviewed. A draft before peer review is called a preprint. Postprints may sometimes be the same as the published version, depending on the publisher.(More)
Numerical evidence is presented of a coherence-resonant behavior, induced on an atmospheric global circulation model by a white (in time and space) additive Gaussian noise with amplitude A << 1 . Intermediate A values enhance the spatiotemporal regularity of vortical patterns that contribute to the intra-annual variability of the atmospheric component of(More)
[1] The low frequency variability of the near surface temperature in a climate simulation is compared with Greenland ice core d 18 O time series during the holocene. The simulation is performed with the coupled CSIRO atmosphere-ocean model under present-day conditions. The variability, analyzed by the detrended fluctuation analysis, reveals power-law(More)
Biodiversity in China is analyzed based on the components of the Dynamic Habitat Index (DHI). First, observed field survey based spatial patterns of species richness including threatened species are presented to test their linear relationship with remote sensing based DHI (2001–2010 MODIS). Areas with a high cumulative DHI component are associated with(More)