Klaus Erhard

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OBJECTIVES Round lesions are a common mammographic finding, which can contribute more than 20% of overall recalls at screening. Discrimination of cystic fluid from solid tissue by spectral x-ray imaging has been demonstrated in specimen experiments. This work translates these results into a clinical pilot study to investigate the feasibility of(More)
Filtered back-projection (FBP) has been commonly used as an efficient and robust reconstruction technique in tomographic X-ray imaging during the last decades. For limited angle tomography acquisitions such as digital breast tomosynthesis, however, standard FBP reconstruction algorithms provide poor results and give rise to image artifacts due to the(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate a method for measuring breast density using photon-counting spectral mammography. Breast density is an indicator of breast cancer risk and diagnostic accuracy in mammography, and can be used as input to personalized screening, treatment monitoring and dose estimation. METHODS The measurement method employs the spectral difference in(More)
Spectral photon counting computed tomography (SPCCT) is an emerging medical imaging technology. SPCCT scanners record the energy of incident photons, which allows specific detection of contrast agents due to measurement of their characteristic X-ray attenuation profiles. This approach is known as K-edge imaging. Nanoparticles formed from elements such as(More)
Die Theorie zur Ausbildung der Faser-Faser-Bindung bei der Papierherstellung fußt heute nach allgemeiner Auffassung auf der Ausbildung von Wasserstoff-Brückenbindungen. Entsprechend wird die Erhöhung der Bindefähigkeit vorwiegend mechanisch durch Mahlung erwirkt, um die Faserflexibilität zu erhöhen und somit die wirksame Faseroberfläche und Bindungsfläche(More)