Klaus C. J. Dietmayer

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This paper proposes a generalization of the multi- Bernoulli filter called the labeled multi-Bernoulli filter that outputs target tracks. Moreover, the labeled multi-Bernoulli filter does not exhibit a cardinality bias due to a more accurate update approximation compared to the multi-Bernoulli filter by exploiting the conjugate prior form for labeled Random(More)
This contribution provides a review of fundamental goals, development and future perspectives of driver assistance systems. Mobility is a fundamental desire of mankind. Virtually any society strives for safe and efficient mobility at low ecological and economic costs. Nevertheless, its technical implementation significantly differs among societies,(More)
Modern driver assistance and safety systems are using a combination of two or more sensors for reliable tracking and classification of relevant road users like vehicles, trucks, cars and others. In these systems, processing and fusion stages are optimized for the properties of the sensor combination and the application requirements. A change of either(More)
Occupancy grid mapping is a well-known environment perception approach. A grid map divides the environment into cells and estimates the occupancy probability of each cell based on sensor measurements. An important extension is the Bayesian occupancy filter (BOF), which additionally estimates the dynamic state of grid cells and allows modeling changing(More)
The autonomous emergency brake (AEB) is an active safety function for vehicles which aims to reduce the severity of a collision. An AEB performs a full brake when an accident becomes unavoidable. Even if this system cannot, in general, avoid the accident, it reduces the energy of the crash impact and is therefore referred to as a collision mitigation(More)
Mounted on a vehicle Laserscanners are able to observe the vehicles environment in order to detect, track and classify the surrounding objects and thus providing data for active safety systems. The latest development of IBEO combines several innovations. The receiver diodes are arranged in an array, which enables simultaneous measurements in 4 horizontal(More)
Pedestrian protection systems will become an essential safety function in future vehicles, as the EU governments will force automotive manufacturer to improve pedestrian safety within the next few years. For such systems the ability to recognise pedestrians is mandatory. Other applications like PreCrash or Automatic Emergency Break systems require a(More)
In cooperative perception systems, different vehicles share object data obtained by their local environment perception sensors, like radar or lidar, via wireless communication. In this paper, this so-called Car2X-based perception is modeled as a virtual sensor in order to integrate it into a highlevel sensor data fusion architecture. The spatial and(More)
The project “Autonomous Driving” at Ulm University aims at advancing highly-automated driving with close-to-market sensors while ensuring easy exchangeability of the particular components. In this contribution, the experimental vehicle that was realized during the project is presented along with its software modules. To achieve the mentioned(More)