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In this paper we outline a new process model for security engineering. This process model extends object oriented, use case oriented software development by systematic security requirements elicitation and realization. In particular, we integrate the modeling of security requirements, threat and risk analysis on the one hand with the modeling of business(More)
A series of model peptides containing alpha-trifluoromethyl-substituted amino acids in five different positions relative to the predominant cleavage site of the serine protease alpha-chymotrypsin was synthesized by solution methods to investigate the influence of alpha-Tfm substitution on the proteolytic stability of peptides. Proteolysis studies(More)
The combination of the unique physical and chemical properties of fluorine with proteinogenic amino acids represents a new approach to the design of biologically active compounds including peptides with improved pharmacological parameters. Therefore, the development of routine synthetic methods which enable the effective and selective introduction of(More)
The first synthesis of a series of totally orthogonal protected racemic alpha-(trifluoromethyl)- and alpha-(difluoromethyl)arginines is described. The key steps of the synthesis are the mild guanidinylation procedure and the selective hydrogenation of a CC triple bond in the presence of a Cbz-group.
A small library of peptide analogues of the chemotactic tripeptide For-Met-Leu-Phe-NH2 modified by substitution of Leu at position 2 by three different fluorinated amino acids varying in content of fluorine, length of the fluorinated side chain, and alkylation degree at the alpha-carbon atom was synthesized. The influence of the fluorine substitution on the(More)
Amino acid sequences and linear or head-to-tail cyclopeptides can be represented conveniently in one-line text formulae using the three-letter symbols. However, other - but nonetheless important - topologies of peptides are 'side chain-to-head (or tail)', 'backbone-to-backbone', 'side chain-to-side chain' cyclopeptides, 'side chain-to-side chain' connected(More)
The technique of choice for synthesis of small-scale depsipeptides is on a solid support. However, if expensive monomers have to be incorporated, solid-phase synthesis can quickly turn out to be unattractive because of its low atom economy. Herein, we describe a new type of recoverable and reuseable alpha-hydroxy acid building block for solid-phase(More)
In this paper we outline a new process model for security engineering. This process model extends object oriented, use case driven software development by the systematic treatment of security related issues. We introduce the notion of security aspects describing security relevant requirements and measures at a certain level of abstraction. We define a(More)
[reaction: see text] p-Nitromandelic acid as a safety-catch linker for Boc/Bzl-SPPS of base-labile compounds like peptides and depsipeptides is described. This linker permits acidic removal of side-chain protection groups from the resin. For cleavage from the solid support, the p-nitro group was reduced with tin(II) chloride. After washing off the reducing(More)