Klaus Brockmann

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In this paper, the problem of short-term production planning in flexible flow lines is considered. A MIP model formulation of the proportional lot sizing problem for multi-level production processes with alternatively usable machines is presented. This model is very general in terms of material routing through the system and allocation of items and machines(More)
In this paper we address the problem of makespan optimal sequencing in a ow shop with parallel machines (FSPM). This kind of production facility is a generalization of the standard ow shop where at least one stage consists of two or more identical machines. We present a branch & bound algorithm and its parallel implementation which minimizes the makespan,(More)
The term flexible flow line (FFL) denotes a generalization of the standard flow shop where at least one stage comprises more than one machine. We present a scheduling algorithm for the FFL which minimizes a combination of job tardiness and machine utilization. To our knowledge, this is the first exact method that minimizes a tardiness based objective(More)
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