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We report changes in quantitative electroencephalography activity in a male tinnitus patient when his tinnitus suddenly disappeared. Topographical illustration of the quantitative electroencephalography data showed beta foci in T3 and C4 with tinnitus, which resolved on spontaneous remission of the tinnitus. Comparison of the power spectra in the presence(More)
This study was conducted in an attempt to determine the efficacy of neurofeedback (NFB) in the treatment of patients suffering from vertigo or tinnitus. Results indicated that after NFB, power for delta and theta bands was reduced; however, an increase of power was noted for the alpha bands. Furthermore, normalization was observed for the vestibular evoked(More)
We conducted this study in an attempt to determine whether the electroencephalographic activity in patients suffering from tinnitus exhibits tinnitus-typical electroencephalography features. Our results indicated a significant increase in the average total power in female tinnitus patients and a significant decrease in average total power in male tinnitus(More)
This study was conducted in an attempt to determine whether the quantitative electroencephalograph activity differs between normal control subjects and subjects suffering from tinnitus. Results indicated that male tinnitus patients as a group had a significantly reduced average total power as compared to control subjects. This finding contrasted with female(More)
The present study was conducted in an attempt to determine whether noise generators (NGs) induce changes of electroencephalographic activity in healthy control subjects and in subjects suffering from tinnitus. The results indicated that the application of an NG, irrespective of its placement, induced a significant increase of the average total power in both(More)
Dorntherapy was developed in the 1980s by Dieter Dorn, a nonmedical person, to cure his and his family members' vertebral problems. This technique achieves correction of dysfunctions of the vertebrae and joints simply by using natural movements of arms and legs or by applying gentle pressure (thumb) to the spinous process. Various observations suggest that(More)
Even with progress in increasing access to effective contraception over the past decades, and the growing range of contraceptive methods available on the market, women in developing countries continue to report an unmet need for family planning. This constraint continues to challenge reproductive health policies and programs, while the momentum of(More)
Both clinical and neurophysiological data suggest that chronic tinnitus is characterized by focal brain activation. In the study reported here, pulsed magnetic-field therapy induced a highly significant increase of average total power for the delta, theta, and alpha frequency bands, predominantly within the frontal regions of the brain. We conclude that(More)
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