Klaus Brengel

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In this paper we compare the performance of eight different priority queue implementations: four of them are explicitly designed to work in an external-memory setting, the others are standard internal-memory queues available in the LEDA library [Mehlhorn and Näher 1999]. Two of the external-memory priority queues are obtained by engineering known(More)
Extensive data have been obtained on sequence changes in the V3 region of the HIV-1 envelope protein that are associated with in vitro biological properties such as cell tropism and syncytium-inducing capacity. However, so far this concerned viruses isolated from peripheral blood mononuclear cells and thus did not discriminate between variants present in T(More)
Black aspergilli, and particularly Aspergillus carbonarius, are responsible for ochratoxin A production in grapes. Correct identification of these species is essential for toxicological risk assessment in grape and wine. A low-complexity oligonucleotide microarray (OLISA, Apibio, F) based on DNA oligonucleotides probes, obtained from sequences of the(More)
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