Klaus Brügmann

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This paper describes an approach how to integrate virtual agents into the 3D multi-user online world Second Life. For this purpose we have implemented a new client software for Second Life that controls virtual agents (“bots”) and makes use of the Multimodal Presentation Markup Language 3D (MPML3D) to define their behavior. The technical merits and(More)
We present a method to produce smooth transitions between arbitrary pieces of character animation, which is based on the application of dynamic transition curves. Unlike other approaches, we achieve anytime interruptibility for body expressions, that is, gestures can be changed anytime during execution while maintaining naturalness of motion transition. To(More)
The demo will show two highly expressive virtual agents introducing the audience to a traditional Japanese room. The agent models and gestures have been created by a professional Japanese character designer. By adapting and extending an influential technique ("Verbs and Adverbs"), we added parameterized emotional expression and gesture interruptibility as(More)
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