Klaus Bolding

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Members of the fibroblast growth factor (FGF) family of peptide ligands have been implicated in otic placode induction in several vertebrate species. Here, we have functionally analyzed the roles of fgf3 and fgf8 in zebrafish otic development. The role of fgf8 was assessed by analyzing acerebellar (ace) mutants. fgf3 function was disrupted by injecting(More)
The well-known prediction-error-based maximum likelihood (PEML) method can only handle minimum phase ARMA models. This likelihood (BFML) method, which can handle nonminimum phase and noncausal ARMA models. The BFML method is identical to the PEML method in the case of a minimum phase ARMA model, and it turns out that the BFML method incorporates a noncausal(More)
The attenuated ultrasound pulse is divided into two parts: a stationary basic pulse and a nonstationary attenuation pulse. A standard ARMA model is used for the basic pulse, and a nonstandard ARMA model is derived for the attenuation pulse. The maximum likelihood estimator of the attenuated ultrasound pulse, which includes a maximum likelihood attenuation(More)
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