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In the proximal tubule, angiotensin II (Ang-II) regulates HCO(-)(3) reabsorption and H+ secretion by binding the type 1 Ang-II (AT1) receptor, stimulating Na(+)/HCO(-)(3) cotransport and Na(+)/H(+) exchange. Studies were carried out to determine if long-term changes in Ang-II receptor occupation alter the abundance of the basolateral Na(+)/HCO(-)(3)(More)
Zinc (Zn) is recognized as an essential nutrient, and is added as a supplement to animal and human diets. There are claims that zinc methionine (ZnMet) forms a stable complex that is preferentially transported into tissues, and this has contributed to uncertainty about conflicting reports on the bioavailability of various Zn compounds. This study evaluated(More)
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