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Blubber samples from harbour (Phoca vitulina) and grey seals (Halichoerus grypus) captured in the St Lawrence Estuary were analysed for PCBs and OC pesticides. Concentrations of sigma PCB, sigma DDT, sigma CHLOR and mirex were higher in harbour than in grey seals, while sigma HCH and HCB were similar in the two species. Age vs. concentration plots showed(More)
Association rules have been popular in theory, though it is unclear how much success they have had in practice. Very many association rules are found in any application by any approach and they require effective pruning and filtering. There has been much research in this area recently, but less with the goal of providing a global overview and summary of all(More)
Levels of tris (4-chlorophenyl) methanol (TCPM) and its presumed precursor tris (4-chlorophenyl) methane (TCPMe) are reported in marine mammals from the Estuary and Gulf of St. Lawrence, Canada. These compounds were measured in blubber samples of seals and whales using ion trap mass spectrometry (MS/MS) detection. Detectable concentrations of both TCPM and(More)
This list is for informational purposes only, indicating volumes currently in the NMML Library collection. This is a searchable PDF file. Press Ctrl+F and type the keyword you are searching for. A protocol for conflict resolution in analyzing empirical data related to natural resource controversies. Anderson, S. 2000. Sea wolf!: getting a line on the least(More)
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