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The continuously increasing features of sensor technology and data processing make intelligent transportation system (ITS) widely applied in ground transportation and various vehicles systems in many countries. Since ITS is addressing heavily serious environmental and safety concerns through an integrative approach that encompasses the entire transportation(More)
The increasing traffic volume confronts the road user with a challenging task. The high number of traffic deaths might not be reducible with passive safety alone. However systems that actively influence the guidance of vehicles, like assistance and automation systems, can make a difference towards higher safety, comfort and efficiency. Some of these systems(More)
In SpeechDat-Car, speech databases for speech driven devices and services for mobile environments are collected for nine European languages. The German SpeechDat-Car installation was the first fully equipped platform within the project. It has served as a testbed for the recording software for the entire project, and as an opportunity to perform technical(More)
To minimize the mental workload for the driver and to keep the increasing amount of information easily accessible, sophisticated display and interaction techniques are essential. This contribution focuses on a user-centered analysis for an authoritative grading of head-up displays (HUDs) in cars. Two studies delivered the evaluation data. In a field test,(More)
– This contribution provides a review of fundamental goals, development and future perspectives of driver assistance systems. Mobility is a fundamental desire of mankind. Virtually any society strives for safe and efficient mobility at low ecological and economic costs. Nevertheless, its technical implementation significantly differs among societies,(More)
—Systems developed to be operated in a vehicular environment have gradually begun to include further applications, which can be found in other mobile environments, such as smart phones and tablets. This continued growth could overwhelm the driver and affect road safety. Thus, it is crucial to ensure that these devices provide the type of information drivers(More)