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Rewrite operationalization of clausal specifications with predefined structures
Disclosed is magnetic character reader which records an ac signal on discontinuous portions of magnetic material and detects the prerecorded signal as a function of character width to decode theExpand
Operational Specifications with Built-Ins
An order-sorted approach is used to suitably assign semantics to equational specifications in a denotational as well as an operational way, which enables the operationalization to generalize some basic results from classical rewrite theory. Expand
A Framework for Operational Equational Specifications with Pre-defined Structures
A general framework for studying equational specifications with pre-defined structures is presented and a semantically enriched notion of term rewriting is introduced in order to enable functional-style computations. Expand
Abstract Notions and Inference Systems for Proofs by Mathematical Induction
This work proposes to develop soundness proofs systematically by presenting an abstract frame inference system a priori and then to design each concrete inference rule locally as a sub-rule of some frame inference rule and to show its soundness by a small local proof establishing this sub- rule relationship. Expand
Proving Ground Confluence and Inductive Validity in Constructor Based Equational Specifications
  • Klaus Becker
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • 13 April 1993
This work presents a refutationally complete prover for ground confluence and inductive validity that applies to unstructured as well as constructor based equational specifications and shows that the proof-by-consistency concepts not only apply to inductive theorem proving, but can as well be employed to proveGround confluence of rewrite systems. Expand
Semantics for Positive/Negative Conditional Rewrite Systems
Two approaches to define the semantics for positive/negative conditional rewrite systems are presented and a well-founded ordering and a set of predefined inequations leads to an initial model semantics provided the inequations are interpreted in a non-standard way. Expand
How to Prove Ground Confluence
We show how to prove ground confluence of term rewrite relations that areinduced by reductive systems of clausal rewrite rules. According to a well-knowncritical pair criterion it suffices for suchExpand
Conditional Rewriting Modulo a Built-in Algebra
Previous work on combination techniques considered the question of how to combine unification algorithms for disjoint equational theories E1, . . . , En in order to obtain a unification algorithm forExpand
How to Prove Ground Con uence
We show how to prove ground connuence of term rewrite relations that are induced by reductive systems of clausal rewrite rules. According to a well-known critical pair criterion it suuces for suchExpand