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BACKGROUND Insufficient angiogenesis and arteriogenesis in cardiac tissue after myocardial infarction (MI) is a significant factor hampering the functional recovery of the heart. To overcome this problem we screened for compounds capable of stimulating angiogenesis, and herein investigate the most active molecule, 5-Methoxyleoligin (5ML), in detail. (More)
BACKGROUND The mixed chimerism approach induces donor-specific tolerance in both pre-clinical models and clinical pilot trials. However, chronic rejection of heart allografts and acute rejection of skin allografts were observed in some chimeric animals despite persistent hematopoietic chimerism and tolerance toward donor antigens in vitro. We tested whether(More)
OBJECTIVES Currently available cardioplegic solutions provide excellent protection in patients with normal surgical risk; in high-risk patients, however, such as in emergency coronary artery bypass surgery, there is still room for improvement. As most of the cardioplegic solutions primarily protect myocytes, the addition of substances for protection of the(More)
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