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Disruption of Cnp1 uncouples oligodendroglial functions in axonal support and myelination
Myelination of axons by oligodendrocytes enables rapid impulse propagation in the central nervous system. But long-term interactions between axons and their myelin sheaths are poorly understood. HereExpand
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Genetic targeting of principal neurons in neocortex and hippocampus of NEX‐Cre mice
Conditional mutagenesis permits the cell type‐specific analysis of gene functions in vivo. Here, we describe a mouse line that expresses Cre recombinase under control of regulatory sequences of NEX,Expand
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Multiple sclerosis: an immune or neurodegenerative disorder?
Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an inflammatory-mediated demyelinating disease of the human central nervous system. The clinical disease course is variable, usually starts with reversible episodes ofExpand
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Axonal Neuregulin-1 Regulates Myelin Sheath Thickness
In the nervous system of vertebrates, myelination is essential for rapid and accurate impulse conduction. Myelin thickness depends on axon fiber size. We use mutant and transgenic mouse lines to showExpand
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The Endocannabinoid System Controls Key Epileptogenic Circuits in the Hippocampus
Balanced control of neuronal activity is central in maintaining function and viability of neuronal circuits. The endocannabinoid system tightly controls neuronal excitability. Here, we show thatExpand
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A Transgenic Rat Model of Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease
Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (CMT) is the most common inherited neuropathy in humans and has been associated with a partial duplication of chromosome 17 (CMT type 1A). We have generated a transgenicExpand
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Role of Hippocampal Cav1.2 Ca2+ Channels in NMDA Receptor-Independent Synaptic Plasticity and Spatial Memory
Current knowledge about the molecular mechanisms of NMDA receptor (NMDAR)-independent long-term potentiation (LTP) in the hippocampus and its function for memory formation in the behaving animal isExpand
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Assembly of CNS Myelin in the Absence of Proteolipid Protein
Two proteolipid proteins, PLP and DM20, are the major membrane components of central nervous system (CNS) myelin. Mutations of the X-linked PLP/DM20 gene cause dysmyelination in mouse and man andExpand
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Neurod1 is essential for the survival and maturation of adult-born neurons
The transcriptional program that controls adult neurogenesis is unknown. We generated mice with an inducible stem cell–specific deletion of Neurod1, resulting in substantially fewer newborn neuronsExpand
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High cholesterol level is essential for myelin membrane growth
Cholesterol in the mammalian brain is a risk factor for certain neurodegenerative diseases, raising the question of its normal function. In the mature brain, the highest cholesterol content is foundExpand
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