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Chandrasekaran and Steels proposed several years ago that libraries of reusable problem solving methods, for use in model-driven knowledge acquisition, should be organized as hierarchies of task decomposition methods, rather than as collections of complete methods. One of the most comprehensive examples to date is Benjamins' library of methods for diagnosis(More)
In the mid to late 1980s there was a flurry of papers using explanation-based techniques to learn how to perform complex actions by observing (or interpreting descriptions of) human performance. These techniques were shown to work reasonably well with one or a small number of examples. However, as statistical approaches gained in power and popularity, and(More)
This paper presents a tool, which can be described as an expert system shell specialized for the application domain of checking electronic hardware designs with respect to a set of design rules. The shell has been used successfully to represent various kinds of design rules and to check real integrated circuit designs. We will first discuss concept of(More)
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