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BACKGROUND There is a debate on whether preventive home visits to older people have any impact. This study was undertaken to investigate whether preventive home visits by professional health workers to older persons can postpone mortality in a Swedish context. METHOD A controlled trial in a small community in the north of Sweden. Participants are healthy(More)
Aerial distance from the dependent Primary Health Center is a crude but objective measure of geographical accessibility to Primary Health care facilities. This report describes a method for calculation of distances between the PHC and the population it serves using the data available from the local health authorities and the Swedish Central Statistical(More)
AIMS There is ongoing debate over the effectiveness of preventive home visits (PHVs) for the elderly. A municipality in the north of Sweden carried out a controlled trial of such visits. Healthy seniors aged 75 years and over received two PHVs per year over 2 years. The aim of this study was to do a cost utility analysis of the intervention. METHODS The(More)
OBJECTIVE to identify and link populations and individuals that live within high risk areas. DESIGN census registers and disease registers which contain data on individuals can only give aggregate statistics relating to postal code districts, town, county or state boundaries. However environmental risk factors rarely, if ever, respect these man-made(More)
BACKGROUND Previous economic studies of person-centered palliative home care have been conducted mainly among patients with cancer. Studies on cost-effectiveness of advanced home care for patients with severe heart failure are lacking when a diagnosis of heart failure is the only main disease as the inclusion criterion. AIM To assess the(More)
BACKGROUND The productive capacity of retired people is usually not valued. However, some retirees produce much more than we might expect. This diary-based study identifies the activities of older people, and suggests some value mechanisms. One question raised is whether it is possible to scale up this diary study into a larger representative study. (More)
BACKGROUND As a tropical depression in the East Sea, Vietnam is greatly affected by climate change and natural disasters. Knowledge of the current capacity of the primary healthcare system in Vietnam to respond to health issues associated with storms and floods is very important for policy making in the country. However, there has been little scientific(More)
BACKGROUND The challenge of an aging population in the society makes it important to find strategies to promote health for all. The aim of this study is to evaluate if repeated health coaching in terms of motivational interviewing, and an offer of wide range of activities, will contribute to positive lifestyle modifications and health among persons aged(More)
T he determinants of health and well-being include a wide range of environmental and social factors. Increasingly recognized drivers of injuries and ill-health are the consequences of changing weather patterns , climate extremes, and climate change. The evidence of such effects is, however, under-researched in low-and middle-income countries. For the(More)
This paper presents an initiative to revive the previous Somali-Swedish Research Cooperation, which started in 1981 and was cut short by the civil war in Somalia. A programme focusing on research capacity building in the health sector is currently underway through the work of an alliance of three partner groups: six new Somali universities, five Swedish(More)