Klas Andersson

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We present a novel 28 yr dataset of Earth’s blacksky surface albedo, derived from AVHRR instruments. The dataset is created using algorithms to separately derive the surface albedo for different land use areas globally. Snow, sea ice, open water and vegetation are all treated independently. The product features corrections for the atmospheric effect in(More)
The European red click beetle, Elater ferrugineus L., is associated with wood mould in old hollow deciduous trees. As a result of severe habitat fragmentation caused by human disturbance, it is threatened throughout its distribution range. A new pheromone-based survey method, which is very efficient in detecting the species, was used in the present study to(More)
The rare beetle Elater ferrugineus was sampled at 47 sites in the county of Östergötland, Sweden by means of pheromone-baited traps to assess its value as an indicator species for hollow oak stands rich in rare saproxylic beetle species. In addition, Osmoderma eremita was also sampled with pheromone baits. These data were then compared against species(More)
A method for retrieval of leaf area index (LAI) using ENVISAT ASAR VV/HH polarisation ratio was derived for boreal forests. The swath range from IS1 to IS6 was studied. The VV/HH polarization ratio correlated quite well with the ground truth LAI values. The coefficient of determination was 0.76 for the sites when data from all 5 summer images and stands(More)
We propose an ambitious new method that models the intracluster medium in clusters of galaxies as a set of X-ray emitting smoothed particles of plasma. Each smoothed particle is described by a handful of parameters including temperature, location, size, and elemental abundances. Hundreds to thousands of these particles are used to construct a model cluster(More)
Currently, politicians, university representatives, scholars and leading NGOs share a strong belief in the ability of educational systems to generate positive attitudes to sustainable development (SD) among citizens, with the idea of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) as perhaps the most apparent expression of this conviction. The aim of this paper(More)
Lead-free solder is taken into use in the electronics industry and there is a lack of data which shows how much thermal cycling tests accelerate the failure mechanisms compared to the real use conditions for the lead-free alloy. In this paper, a methodology on how to estimate the acceleration factor (AF) is described. The AF-experiments give an indication(More)