Klara Svitekova

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OBJECTIVE Neutrophil leukocytes and macrophages represent professional phagocytic cells. When appropriately stimulated, they undergo dramatic physiological and biochemical changes resulting in phagocytosis, chemotaxis and degranulation with the activation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) production known as the respiratory burst. DESIGN In this study we(More)
Neutrophils are able to release cytotoxic substances and inflammatory mediators, which, along with their delayed apoptosis, have a potential to maintain permanent inflammation. Therefore, treatment of diseases associated with chronic inflammation should be focused on neutrophils; formation of reactive oxygen species and apoptosis of these cells represent(More)
OBJECTIVE To outline possibility of successful treatment of spontaneous previable rupture of membranes in the second trimester of pregnancy. INTRODUCTION Spontaneous previable rupture of membranes (SPROM) in the second trimester of pregnancy is one of the most alarming problems in current obstetrics. Perinatal mortality is about 60 %, one third of which(More)
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