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Load Balancing is essential for efficient operations indistributed environments. As Cloud Computing is growingrapidly and clients are demanding more services and betterresults, load balancing for the Cloud has become a veryinteresting and important research area. Many algorithms weresuggested to provide efficient mechanisms and algorithms forassigning the(More)
We present a survey of architectures and applications used in the field of sensor web. The rapidly-increasing and pervasive use of sensors in advanced information technology applications has spawn diverse and fertile research areas. Sensor networks are used in many applications such as health care, traffic control, smart homes, and many other fields in(More)
The need for efficient optimization of network resources to prolong the life time of large-scale and dense deployments of Wireless Sensor Networks opened the door for researchers to study and produce efficient clustering techniques. Clustering has been proven to be an effective approach for organizing a large scale WSN into connected groups increasing the(More)
This paper presents an easy and direct algorithm to solve the issue of load balancing in providing Data as a Service (DaaS) in the Cloud. The algorithm is based on some earlier approach for efficient dual direction data downloading. Our contribution is in solving the issue of the high storage demand when storing replicated data in multiple Cloud nodes.(More)
Several approaches for fault-tolerance in distributed systems were introduced; however, they require prior knowledge of the environment's operating conditions and/or constant monitoring of these conditions at run time. That allows the applications to adjust the load and redistribute the tasks when failures occur. These techniques work well when there is no(More)
The denseness and random distribution of large-scale WSNs makes it quite difficult to replace or recharge nodes. Energy efficiency and management is a major design goal in these networks. In this paper, a new node energy efficient algorithm using energy thresholds to replace cluster heads is proposed. The proposed algorithm uses node ranking to elect(More)
In this paper, we present a novel approach to solve the cloud storage issues and provide a fast load balancing algorithm. Our approach is based on partitioning and dual direction download of the files by multiple cloud nodes. Partitions of the files are also saved into the cloud rather than the full files, which provide a good optimization to the cloud(More)