Klaartje Klaver

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The purpose of this article is to shape a theoretical framework of attentiveness in care, which may function as a background to study attentiveness in a health care setting empirically. More insight into the functions, forms, and aspects of attentiveness in a particular health care setting is important, as there is a lack of indicators and criteria that(More)
This article aims to initiate a discussion on the demarcation of the ethics of care. This discussion is necessary because the ethics of care evolves by making use of insights from varying disciplines. As this involves the risk of contamination of the care ethical discipline, the challenge for care ethical scholars is to ensure to retain a distinct care(More)
PURPOSE Caregivers' attentiveness is vital for healthcare quality, yet existing research lacks a specific definition and neglects its different forms and aspects. METHODS This paper presents a qualitative, grounded theory of attentiveness in hospital oncology care. RESULTS Our data show nine types of attentiveness. We answer the question why a caregiver(More)
This article is about caregivers being attentive to patients in healthcare. From earlier work on the understanding of the other, we know that it is impossible to completely understand the experiences of others. By the sharing of subjectivity-intersubjectivity-we may try to 'grasp' the other's point of view. However, we can never assume that the same(More)
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