Kjetil Svarstad

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The elevation of design description abstractions is a well accepted technique for handling the complexity and shortening the design time of modern embedded systems. It is shown that abstractions for communication are as important as for behaviour for specification and system level abstractions, and an extension on a novel higher level communication(More)
The design starting point for current embedded systems design is getting higher and higher on the abstraction level scale in order to meet the challenge of the increasing design gap. Up till now the state-of-the-art tools and methods have used as a highest abstraction of communication the send-receive over a channel, e.g. as in SDL and COSSAP. We introduce(More)
The H.264/AVC standard possesses high complexity features, among which intra prediction characterized by high data dependency and immense amount of computation. Therefore the compression in real time represents a challenge. This paper presents a novel low-complexity architecture of intra 4×4 prediction for baseline, main and high profiles H.264 frame(More)
With the increasing complexity of designs, the verification costs grow considerably. Using Assertion Based Verification with assertions implemented on real hardware, can speed up the verification process. Property Specification Language is one of the common standards for describing formal properties and specifications of a design. We implemented a subset of(More)
Power consumption in digital systems, especially in portable devices, is a crucial design factor. Due to downscaling of technology, dynamic switching power is not the only relevant source of power consumption anymore as power dissipation caused by leakage currents increases. Even though power gating is a seemingly simple method for reducing the leakage(More)
With the increasing size and complexity of designs in electronics, new approaches are required for the description and verification of digital circuits, specifically at the system level. Functional HDLs can appear as an advantageous choice for formal verification and high-level descriptions, and this is the focus of this PhD project. We explain how to use(More)
H.264/AVC compression standard provides tools and solutions for an efficient coding of video sequences of various resolutions. Spatial redundancy in a video frame is removed by use of intra prediction algorithm. There are three block-wise types of intra prediction: 4×4, 8×8 and 16×16. This paper proposes an efficient, low-complexity architecture for intra(More)