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In this paper we describe control challenges related to operation of oil wells equipped with Electric Submersible Pumps (ESP) and formalize them in a control problem setting in the language of control system engineers. Then we present a simple dynamic model of an oil well equipped with ESP. This model can be used for controller development. To solve this(More)
We describe a modular architecture for process information systems. Each process unit is represented by a separate module that is connected to its neighbours in the process ow sheet through connections that represent the process streams. The resulting system is easy to conngure and to maintain. The scheme forms the basis for a successful operator support(More)
Proper allocation and distribution of lift gas is necessary for maximizing total oil production from a eld with gas lifted oil wells. When the supply of the lift gas is limited, the total available gas should be optimally distributed among the oil wells of the eld such that the total production of oil from the eld is maximized. This paper describes a(More)
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