Kjersti Lian

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Members of the genus Geobacillus have been isolated from a wide variety of habitats worldwide and are the subject for targeted enzyme utilization in various industrial applications. Here we report the isolation and complete genome sequence of the thermophilic starch-degrading Geobacillus sp. 12AMOR1. The strain 12AMOR1 was isolated from deep-sea hot(More)
Deinococcus radiodurans is an extremely radiation and desiccation resistant bacterium which can tolerate radiation doses up to 5,000 Grays without losing viability. We are studying the role of DNA repair and replication proteins for this unusual phenotype by a structural biology approach. The DNA polymerase III β subunit (β-clamp) acts as a sliding clamp on(More)
Upon infection by pathogenic bacteria, production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) is part of the host organism's first line of defence. ROS damage a number of macromolecules, and in order to withstand such a harsh environment, the bacteria need to have well-functioning ROS scavenging and repair systems. Herein, MutT is an important nucleotide-pool(More)
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