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Academic Voices: Across Languages and Disciplines
This book explores how the voices of authors and other researchers are manifested in academic discourse, and how the author handles the polyphonic interaction between these various parties. Expand
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The Role of Social Justice and Poverty in South Africa’s National Climate Change Response White Paper
Abstract In late 2011 the South African government published a White Paper outlining climate change response policies for the coming decades. Among the main topics of the text were the socio-economicExpand
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Traces of self and others in research articles. A comparative pilot study of English, French and Norwegian research articles in medicine, economics and linguistics
This article presents a pilot study which has been undertaken as preparation for a comparative research project called “Cultural identity in academic prose”. The general aim of the project is toExpand
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Explaining topic prevalence in answers to open-ended survey questions about climate change
Automated text analysis shows that Norwegians emphasize themes around weather and ice, the future, consumption and attribution when responding to survey questions about climate change, with greaterExpand
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Variation of Stance and Voice across Cultures
My point of departure in this chapter, focused on how stance and voice vary across cultures in academic writing, is that these two discursive features are closely related. I will lay special emphasisExpand
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Synthesizing a policy-relevant perspective from the three IPCC “Worlds”—A comparison of topics and frames in the SPMs of the Fifth Assessment Report
Abstract The paper investigates topics, emphases, frames and absences in the Summary for Policymakers parts of the three Working Group reports in the IPCC 5th Assessment Report and the Summary forExpand
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Language and Discipline Perspectives on Academic Discourse
s, indicating that the relative high frequency of passives can be attributed to translation-like effects. This last issue is methodological, of course. Regarding methodology, Swales and Van BonnExpand
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The self and the others: polyphonic visibility in research articles
This article will focus on the self (I/we) perspective in combination with the other (you/they) perspective as manifested through polyphonic expressions within the genre of the research article. TheExpand
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Citizens’ preferences for tackling climate change. Quantitative and qualitative analyses of their freely formulated solutions
Abstract Tackling climate change requires both policy and individual action. Mobilizing such action can be made more optimal with knowledge about how the public views climate change solutions andExpand
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Representations of the future in English language blogs on climate change
Abstract This paper investigates how the notion of future is represented in a large corpus of English-language blogs related to climate change, with an overarching interest in exploring to whatExpand
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