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RealTimeTalk (RTT) is a design framework for developing distributed real-time applications with both hard and soft requirements. The framework supports design via hierarchical decomposition. We believe that object-orientation is the best way to go about struc-turing a problem, hence the RTT language is based on Smalltalk with an analysis frontend to infer(More)
Treatment of male Fischer 344 rats with various hypolipidemic drugs of different peroxisome proliferating potency (1-benzylimidazole, acetylsalicylic acid, clofibrate, tiadenol) led to an induction of liver lauric acid hydroxylase, whereas probucol, which is not a peroxisome proliferator, did not induce this enzyme. Activity of bilirubin(More)
1. Dihydrodiol dehydrogenase activities were investigated in rabbit liver. Using a five-step purification scheme, eight isoenzymes of dihydrodiol dehydrogenase with isoelectric points of 5.55-9.3 and promoter molecular masses of 34-35 kDa were purified to apparent homogeneity and designated CF-1 to CF-6, CM-1 and CM-2. 2. CF-1 and CF-2 had near-neutral(More)
A highly active preparation of rat liver dihydrodiol/3 alpha-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase was obtained using a newly developed, rapid purification scheme involving affinity chromatography on Red Sepharose. Depending on the coenzyme present, the purified enzyme was found to catalyse the oxidation of dihydrodiols and steroids or the reduction of substrates(More)
A technique to detect that pairs of rules are mutually exclusive" in a logic program is described. In contrast to previous work our algorithm derives mutual exclusion by looking not only on built-in, but also user-deened predicates. This technique has applications to optimization of the execution of programs containing these rules. Additionally, the(More)
Allowing the programmer to define operators in a language makes for more readable code but also complicates the job of parsing; standard parsing techniques cannot accommodate dynamic grammars. We present an LR parsing methodology, called deferred decision parsing, that handles dynamic operator declarations, that is, operators that are declared at run time,(More)
Real Time Talk is a framework and an object-oriented language for distributed hard real-time systems. This paper presents past, present, and future work in the Real Time Talk project. It concentrates on the language and programming part of Real Time Talk, and the problems a dynamically typed language impose on a real-time system.We look at how some of these(More)
Spermiophages and leukophages were found in teratozoospermic canine semen. Spermiophagy was the role of neutrophilic granulocytes. Leukophages are believed to be oversize macrophages transformed by and released from a chronic inflammatory lesion in the pelvic urethra or the prostate. The term leukophages was adopted to indicate that the cells phagocytize(More)