Kjell Ovrebø

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OBJECTIVE To find out whether contrast radiography helps to resolve small bowel obstruction. DESIGN Prospective randomised trial. SETTING University hospital, Norway. SUBJECTS 98 consecutive patients with symptoms of small bowel obstruction and a plain abdominal radiograph that confirmed the diagnosis. INTERVENTIONS The patients were randomly(More)
Suction lipoplasty for abdominal contouring in nonoperated patients is considered a safe procedure with a low incidence of local and systemic complications. Suction lipoplasty combined with a full abdominoplasty is, however, still controversial with a higher rate of local complications. A 56-year-old woman with a history of four laparotomies and two(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare gastric banding (GB) and vertical banded gastroplasty (VBG) with respect to postsurgical gastroesophageal reflux (GER) and to investigate the role of preexisting hiatus hernia. SUMMARY BACKGROUND DATA GB and VBG have for a long time been used in the treatment of morbidly obese patients. The introduction of laparoscopic techniques has(More)
BACKGROUND Transanal endoscopic microsurgery (TEM) can access the whole rectum up to 20 cm from the anal verge. Due to its excellent view and accurate dissection, TEM is useful for the removal of adenoma and selected low risk cancers of the rectum. We report our experience with the first 70 patients presenting. METHODS A prospective descriptive study of(More)
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID)-exposure increases the risk for ulcer perforation by a factor of 5-8. Recent data from Norway indicate that NSAID exposure is more common in gastric than in prepyloric, pyloric and duodenal perforation. Twenty to 40% of patients with gastric perforation have used NSAIDs; attributable risks are not published. The(More)
OBJECTIVES Chronic inflammation of the intestinal wall is the common characteristic of Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis; disorders, which in some cases can be difficult to distinguish. The inflammation also affects the local neuronal plexuses of the enteric nervous system. It is known that plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 (PAI-1) and urokinase(More)
40 patients were treated by aspiration and instillation of a 10% solution of tetracycline. 32 were cured after average 1.45 instillations. The dominating adverse effect was scrotal pain, reported by 55% of the patients. One patient experienced a transient vasovagal reaction due to the pain, and one patient was suspected of having a slight infection. No(More)
BACKGROUND We have previously shown that experimental strangulation obstruction leads to increased release and concentration of endothelin-1 (ET-1) in venous blood from the strangulated bowel loop. The present study focuses on the microcirculatory effects of the released ET-1 in strangulation obstruction. METHODS In anesthetized pigs strangulation(More)
The causes of acute abdominal pain among children admitted to a surgical department were few and the fraction that needed surgical treatment was low (37%). The surgical intervention rate was age-dependent, rising from 11.4% (zero to three years of age) to 48.9% (12-15 years of age). The increase in surgical intervention rate was due to increasing incidence(More)
Elevated plasma homocysteine concentration in humans is associated with increased risk of arteriosclerosis and ischaemic heart disease. We studied whether the plasma homocysteine concentration could be changed by administration of drugs that modulate the concentration of glutathione in both plasma and tissue. Male wistar rats received reduced glutathione(More)