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Frequently in biomedical literature, measurements are considered "not statistically different" if a statistical test fails to achieve a P value that is < or = 0.05. This conclusion may be misleading because the size of each group is too small or the variability is large, and a type II error (false negative) is committed. In this study, we examined the(More)
In this project we have produced co-registered datasets of laser scanner and ENVISAT ASAR AP data. A comparison of ENVISAT ASAR Alternate Polarization (AP) mode (HH+VV) backscatter coefficient values and polarization ratios with ice freeboard height measured with the KMS laser scanner is made. The CRYOVEX-2003 dataset of 11 April 2003 was used here. The(More)
The background for this study is the requirements from the oil industry to obtain more knowledge about currents and eddies for the deepwater exploration west of Mid-Norway. In this study more than 70 Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) scenes from the ERS-2 satellite, each covering 100 by 100 km, were investigated for low wind conditions allowing observation of(More)
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