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The lability of dissolved organic carbon was estimated in the Sargasso Sea. Rates of DOC mineralization were estimated by monitoring, with high precision, the accumulation of CO, in dark incubation bottles after the removal of particles > 0.8 pm in size. The minimum incubation time used in these experiments was 24 h. Rates from three 24 h incubations(More)
Rates of dinitrogen (N 2) fixation and primary production were measured during two 9 day transect cruises in the Baltic proper in June–July of 1998 and 1999. Assuming that the early phase of the bloom of cyanobacteria lasted a month, total rates of N 2 fixation contributed 15 mmol N m −2 (1998) and 33 mmol N m −2 (1999) to new production 5 (sensu Dugdale(More)
PURPOSE Ranked segment analysis is a new method for evaluation of optic nerve head topography with the Heidelberg Retina Tomograph. This analysis ranks sector measurements around the optic disc and compares these measurements with rank specific significance limits. We evaluated the diagnostic precision of the ranked segment analysis in a large clinical(More)
PURPOSE To analyze the topography of normal and glaucomatous discs with the goal of developing improved strategies to discriminate between normal and glaucomatous eyes. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Raster tomography was performed in both eyes of 225 healthy subjects and in 296 eyes of 214 glaucoma patients. Cup area, average cup radius, rim area and minimal rim(More)
The genetic diversity of Trichodesmium spp. from natural populations (off Bermuda in the Sargasso Sea and off North Australia in the Arafura and Coral Seas) and of culture isolates from two regions (Sargasso Sea and Indian Ocean) was investigated. Three independent techniques were used, including a DNA fingerprinting method based on a highly iterated(More)
Rates of carbon (C) specific growth and nitrogen (N2) fixation were monitored in cultures of Baltic Sea Nodularia and Aphanizomenon exposed to gradual limitation by inorganic phosphorus (P). Both cyanobacteria responded by decreased cellular P content followed by lowered rates of growth and N2 fixation. C-specific growth and cellular N content changed(More)
BACKGROUND To compare near, intermediate, and distance vision, and quality of vision using appropriate subjective questionnaires, when monofocal or apodized diffractive multifocal intraocular lenses (IOLs) are binocularly implanted. METHODS Patients with different binocular IOLs implanted were recruited after surgery and had their visual acuity tested,(More)