Kjell Gundersen

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The lability of dissolved organic carbon was estimated in the Sargasso Sea. Rates of DOC mineralization were estimated by monitoring, with high precision, the accumulation of CO, in dark incubation bottles after the removal of particles > 0.8 pm in size. The minimum incubation time used in these experiments was 24 h. Rates from three 24 h incubations(More)
The nucleotide sequence of 1.5 Mb of genomic DNA from Mycobacterium leprae was determined using computer-assisted multiplex sequencing technology. This brings the 2.8-Mb M. leprae genome sequence to approximately 66% completion. The sequences, derived from 43 recombinant cosmids, contain 1046 putative protein-coding genes, 44 repetitive regions, 3 tRNAs,(More)
BACKGROUND To compare near, intermediate, and distance vision, and quality of vision using appropriate subjective questionnaires, when monofocal or apodized diffractive multifocal intraocular lenses (IOLs) are binocularly implanted. METHODS Patients with different binocular IOLs implanted were recruited after surgery and had their visual acuity tested,(More)
PURPOSE To analyze the topography of normal and glaucomatous discs with the goal of developing improved strategies to discriminate between normal and glaucomatous eyes. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Raster tomography was performed in both eyes of 225 healthy subjects and in 296 eyes of 214 glaucoma patients. Cup area, average cup radius, rim area and minimal rim(More)
We have applied quantum dot (Qdot) antibody conjugates as a biomolecular probe for cellular proteins important in biogeochemical cycling in the sea. Conventional immunological methods have been hampered by the strong autofluorescence found in cyanobacteria cells. Qdot conjugates provide an ideal alternative for studies that require long-term imaging of(More)
There is much interest among managers and scientists in quantifying suspended particulate matter concentration (PM, commonly reported as total suspended solids [TSS]) in aquatic environments. Together with measurements of wave action and current velocity, it is used to determine when sediments and the associated particle bound contaminants (e.g., mercury)(More)
We studied different structural optic disc parameters and their ability to discriminate between normal and glaucoma eyes using computerized raster tomography. Two hundred and seventy-six eyes of 138 normal subjects and 146 eyes of 102 glaucoma patients were examined with a raster tomographic imaging system (The Glaucoma-ScopeTM, Ophthalmic Imaging Systems,(More)
PURPOSE To compare the visual acuity (VA) and quality of vision between bilateral implantation of a trifocal intraocular lens (IOL) and blended bifocal IOLs with an intermediate add in the dominant eye and a near add in the nondominant eye. PATIENTS AND METHODS Patients with either trifocal or blended bifocal IOLs implanted were recruited after surgery.(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this study was to compare a new diffractive trifocal toric lens with an apodized diffractive bifocal toric lens in terms of refractive and visual acuity (VA) outcomes, including low-contrast VA (LCVA), as well as the patient's visual function 3 months after implantation. PATIENTS AND METHODS This is a randomized prospective study(More)
PURPOSE To determine the incidence and etiology of required retreatment after multifocal intraocular lens (IOL) implantation and to evaluate the methods and clinical outcomes of retreatment. PATIENTS AND METHODS A retrospective chart review of 416 eyes of 209 patients from one site that underwent uncomplicated cataract surgery with multifocal IOL(More)