Kjell Fugelli

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After injection of 3H-taurine into eyeballs of frogs and maintenance for 3 h in darkness by a gentle shaking, an almost homogenous fraction of rod outer segments (ROS) was prepared. About a 22% decrease in tonicity caused by reducing NaCl in isotonic 225 mOsm normal solution caused a rapid increase in the rate coefficient of efflux of 3H-taurine from the(More)
Cellular osmolyte release is important in preventing water accumulation and swelling. However, the signaling pathways that detect volume increase and activate solute efflux are still not fully understood. We investigated efflux activation of the osmolyte taurine which is actively accumulated in rat thyrocytes (FRTL-5). Efflux of accumulated [3H]taurine was(More)
In brown trout surviving in acidified brook water, the plasma osmolality is reduced 15-25%. The decrease is much less than that expected from the measured reduction in the plasma concentration of Na+ and Cl-. This discrepancy cannot quantitatively be explained by the increase in plasma concentration of K+ (100%) and free amino compounds (mainly taurine;(More)
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