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The sentinel node is the first lymph node to receive lymphatic drainage from a tumour and is usually the first site of metastases. Today, the sentinel node is used for tumour staging. Here, we focus on its immunological role and investigate lymphocytic function in sentinel nodes, identified intraoperatively by peritumoural dye injection, from 15 patients(More)
AIMS Lymphatic mapping and sentinel node biopsy entails better staging in malignant melanoma and breast cancer and we used this technique in patients with colon cancer to possibly improve detection of lymphatic spread. METHODS Thirty patients with invasive adenocarcinomas were investigated. The tumour status in identified sentinel node(s) was compared(More)
Despite optimal surgical treatment and modern adjuvant therapies, 50% of patients diagnosed with colorectal cancer die within 5 years. Immunotherapy offers an appealing complement to traditional chemotherapy, with possible long-term protection against tumor recurrences through immunological memory. We have conducted a pilot study of a novel adoptive(More)
We previously identified tumor-reactive lymphocytes in the first lymph nodes that drain the primary tumor. In this study, we performed lymphatic mapping to investigate the possibility of finding the first lymph nodes that drain metastases, and of learning whether these lymph nodes contained tumor-reactive lymphocytes suitable for adoptive immunotherapy.(More)
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