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Eighty-five dairy cows of the Swedish Red and White Breed (SRB) were included in a long-term experiment during 3 consecutive lactations. The cows were divided into 3 different dietary groups that received no rapeseed (NR), up to 1.2 kg dry matter (DM) 00-rapeseed meal plus 0.2 kg DM full-fat 00-rapeseed (MR), and up to 2.5 kg DM 00-rapeseed meal plus 0.9 kg(More)
BACKGROUND Although cardiac myocytes and coronary vascular endothelium are known to express a constitutive form of NO synthase, the in vivo effects of tonic endogenous production of NO on myocardial O2 consumption and contractile performance remain unclear. METHODS AND RESULTS The effects of blockade of NO synthase were determined in intact dogs.(More)
OBJECTIVES We sought to determine whether endothelium-derived relaxing factor (nitric oxide) exerts a tonic vasodilating effect on coronary collateral channels developed in response to myocardial ischemia. BACKGROUND Although the coronary collateral circulation is known to react to several vasoactive agents, the role of endogenously produced nitric oxide(More)
SOUND AND VIBRATION/MARCH 2005 Order tracking is a widely used tool for analysis of vibrations generated in vehicle drivetrain components, since many vibrations are related to engine RPMs. In recent years, offline order tracking has become suitable due to enhanced computer speeds. Many methods, some patented, for both online and offline order tracking have(More)
In the field of nonlinear dynamics it is essential to have well tested and reliable tools for estimating the nonlinear parameters from measurement data. This paper presents an identification technique based on using random noise signals, as initially developed by Julius S. Bendat. With this method the nonlinearity is treated as a feedback forcing term(More)
To facilitate overall lay-out optimisation inexpensive dynamics simulation of automobile exhaust systems is desired. Identification of possible non-linearity as well as finding simplified component models is then important. A flexible joint is used between the manifold and the catalyst to allow for the motion of the engine and to reduce the transmission of(More)
Based on a paper presented at the 76th Shock & Vibration Symposium, October 30-November 4, Destin, FL, 2005. It is not always obvious how to compare a given test specification with measured field data. This article presents a systematic method based on the shock response spectrum and the fatigue damage spectrum. A random-on-random test specification for(More)
To facilitate overall lay-out optimisation simplified component models for dynamics simulations of automobile exhaust systems are desired. Such optimisation could otherwise be computationally expensive, especially when non-linear analyses are necessary. Suggestions of simplified models of the mufflers and the catalyst are given. To account for the(More)
When dealing with nonlinear dynamical systems, it’s important to have well tested, accurate and reliable tools for estimating both the linear and nonlinear system parameters from measured data. The identification technique used in this paper is based on random noise excitation and treats the nonlinear term as a feedback force acting on an underlying linear(More)
The industrial demand on good dynamical simulation models is increasing. Since most structures show some form of nonlinear behavior, linear models are not good enough to predict the true dynamical behavior. Therefore nonlinear characterization, localization and parameter estimation becomes important issues when building simulation models. This paper(More)