Kjeld Mollgård

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 The multidrug-resistance P-glycoprotein (Pgp) was initially identified as an energy-dependent proton pump, which transports a variety of non-related compounds out of chemotherapy-resistant cancer cells. Molecular biological investigations using knockout mice for the mouse homologue of the human Pgp showed that these mice partially lack a functioning(More)
1. The ultrastructure of the carotid body in the rabbit has been examined by electron microscopy.2. A comparison was made between the ultrastructure of the carotid bodies in sea level rabbits, in rabbits which had been exposed to hypoxia equivalent to an altitude of 6000 m for 7 days and in rabbits which always had lived at an altitude of 4000-4300 m.3. We(More)
Dendrodendritic gap junctions have been identified in the periaqueductal gray substance of adult rabbits and in the visual cortex of sheep fetuses. The introduction of Alcian blue as a marker substance facilitated the positive identification of gap junctions. Dendrodendritic contacts in the human fetal neocortex have been examined in freeze-cleaved(More)
This study concerns the immunohistologic distribution of carcino-embryonic antigen (CEA) in tissues and organs from 86 legal abortions, stillborn fetuses and perinatal deaths and from 5 adults without inflammatory disease or cancer. Monospecific antibodies to CEA of both polyclonal and monoclonal origin were applied to serial sections obtained from(More)
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