Kjeld Ingvorsen

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Genome annotations are accumulating rapidly and depend heavily on automated annotation systems. Many genome centers offer annotation systems but no one has compared their output in a systematic way to determine accuracy and inherent errors. Errors in the annotations are routinely deposited in databases such as NCBI and used to validate subsequent annotation(More)
A gram-positive bacterium Citricoccus nitrophenolicus (strain PNP1T, DSM 23311T, CCUG 59571T) isolated from a waste water treatment plant was capable of effectively degrading p-nitrophenol (pNP) as a source of carbon, nitrogen and energy for growth. Degradation of pNP required oxygen and resulted in the stoichiometric release of nitrite. Strain PNP1T also(More)
Cellulomonas uda (DSM 20108/ATCC 21399) is one of the few described cellulolytic facultative anaerobes. Based on these characteristics, we initiated a physiological study of C. uda with the aim to exploit it for cellulase production in simple bioreactors with no or sporadic aeration. Growth, cellulase activity and fermentation product formation were(More)
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