Kjeld Hansen

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The design of the positioning controllers in Optical Disk Drives are today subjected to a trade off between an acceptable suppression of external disturbances and an acceptable immunity against surfaces defects. In this paper an algorithm is suggested to detect defects of the disk surface combined with an observer and a Linear Quadratic Regulator. As a(More)
cDNAs encoding glutamate receptor glu1, glu2 (Q and R) or glu4 under control of a constitutively active metallothionine promoter, were transfected into baby hamster kidney cells. Following the addition of selection agent, transfectants expressing high levels of glutamate receptor as measured by [3H]alpha-amino-3-hydroxyl-5-methyl-isoxalazole-4-propionate(More)
The increasing pervasiveness of Internet connected devices and services is altering the perception and practice of public spaces through the provisioning of location-specific digital information. Locationaware technologies allow people to access, annotate, address and attach information to locations, which transforms the space for other people who use the(More)
The effects of low level laser treatment in soldiers with achilles tendinitis were studied in a prospective, randomized and double blind trial. Eighty-nine soldiers were enrolled in the study. Forty-six were randomized to treatment with active laser and 43 to treatment with placebo laser. No statistically significant differences in the number of(More)
The purpose of the study was to assess the incidence and relative risk of hepatitis A and B and tuberculosis among Danish merchant seamen. We also assessed the occurrence of malaria. The study was based on record linkage of a research database containing data on 24,132 Danish male seamen and the Registry for Notifiable Infectious Diseases in Denmark,(More)
In this work screen printed piezoelectric Ferroperm PZ26 lead zirconate titanate (PZT) thick film is used for two MEMS devices. A test structure is used to investigate several aspects regarding bottom and top electrodes. 450 nm ZrO2 thin film is found to be an insufficient diffusion barrier layer for thick film PZT sintered at 850°C. E-beam evaporated Al(More)
In recent years, social media has offered new opportunities for interaction and distribution of public health information within and across organisations. In this paper, we analysed data from Facebook walls of 153 public organisations using unsupervised machine learning techniques to understand the characteristics of user engagement and post performance.(More)
Affiliations: European Lung Foundation, Sheffield, UK. Asthma UK, London, UK. European Lung Foundation. Dept of Public Health and Caring Science, Family Medicine and Preventive Medicine, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden. Paediatric Respiratory Medicine, Academic Medical Centre University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Community Care Unit,(More)