Kjartan Halvorsen

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It is shown that a recently published least squares method for the estimation of the average center of rotation is biased. Consequently, a correction term is proposed, and an iterative algorithm is derived for finding a bias compensated solution to the least squares problem.The accuracy of the proposed bias compensated least squares method is compared to(More)
A new method is presented for estimating the parameters of two different models of a joint. The two models are: (1) A rotational joint with a fixed axis of rotation, also referred to as a hinge joint and (2) a ball and socket model, corresponding to a spherical joint. Given the motion of a set of markers, it is shown how the parameters can be estimated,(More)
Gymnasts are known to practice and compete although suffering from injuries and pain. Pain may change strategies for postural control. The primary aim of the present study was to investigate how center of pressure (COP) measurements are influenced by low back pain and lower extremity injury in top-level female gymnasts. A secondary aim was to study the(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the efficacy and safety of two eccentric rehabilitation protocols for patients with symptomatic patellar tendinopathy. A new eccentric overload training device was compared with the present standard eccentric rehabilitation programme on a decline board. DESIGN Prospective, randomised clinical trial. SETTING Sports rehabilitation(More)
The prognostic value of Laurén's histopathological classification system and the ABO blood group system has been studied in 275 patients with cancer of the stomach. The study disclosed a higher rate of tumours of intestinal type in females aged 70 years or more compared with those under 70 years, but no such relation for males. We found no relation between(More)
This study incorporated variations in speed and the horizontal resistance acting upon elite female skiers during double poling (DP) on a treadmill and specifically analyzed biomechanical adaptations to these variations. Whole body kinematics and pole force data were recorded and used to calculate the moment of force acting on the shoulder and elbow joints.(More)
OBJECTIVES To explore events and describe phases for temporal coordination of the sit-to-walk (STW) task, within a semistandardized set up, in subjects with stroke and matched controls. In addition, to assess variability of STW phase duration and to compare the relative duration of STW phases between the 2 groups. DESIGN Cross-sectional. SETTING(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate whether kinematic proximal-to-distal sequencing (PDS) and speed-summation are common characteristics of both partial and full-swing shots in golf players of different skill levels and genders. A total of 45 golfers participated, 11 male tournament professionals, 21 male and 13 female elite amateurs. They performed(More)
The purpose was to study the validity of a recently proposed method [Forsell C, Halvorsen K. A method for determining minimal sets of markers for the estimation of center of mass, linear and angular momentum. Journal of Biomechanics 2009;42(3):361-5] for estimating the trajectory of the whole-body center of mass (CoM) in the case of running at velocities(More)
A previously undescribed type of encephalomyelopathy after prophylactic intrathecal methotrexate (MTX) treatment for acute leukemia is reported. The patient was treated systemically with vincristine, MTX, stereoids and mercaptopurine. Radiation therapy was not given. The neurologic symptoms started 24 hours after the completion of the fifth intrathecal MTX(More)