Kjartan Halvorsen

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Most falls in older people are due to loss of balance during everyday locomotion, e.g., when initiating walking from sitting; sit-to-walk (STW). It has been considered that the broader stride width in walking that is seen in many people with fear of falling (FoF) does not increase stability, but could be predictive of future falls because of increased(More)
The correlation between mechanical factors of running and running economy as measured by metabolic cost is a subject of much interest in the study of locomotion. However, no change in running technique has been shown to result in an immediate improvement in running economy on an intra-individual basis. To evaluate the effect of a modified running technique,(More)
Gymnasts are known to practice and compete although suffering from injuries and pain. Pain may change strategies for postural control. The primary aim of the present study was to investigate how center of pressure (COP) measurements are influenced by low back pain and lower extremity injury in top-level female gymnasts. A secondary aim was to study the(More)
The purpose was to study the validity of a recently proposed method [Forsell C, Halvorsen K. A method for determining minimal sets of markers for the estimation of center of mass, linear and angular momentum. Journal of Biomechanics 2009;42(3):361-5] for estimating the trajectory of the whole-body center of mass (CoM) in the case of running at velocities(More)
Walking in daily life places high demands on the interplay between cognitive and motor functions. A well-functioning dual-tasking ability is thus essential for walking safely. The aims were to study longitudinal changes in gait function during single- and dual-tasking over a period of two years among people with initially mild AD (n=21). Data were collected(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate whether kinematic proximal-to-distal sequencing (PDS) and speed-summation are common characteristics of both partial and full-swing shots in golf players of different skill levels and genders. A total of 45 golfers participated, 11 male tournament professionals, 21 male and 13 female elite amateurs. They performed(More)
The aim was (1) to evaluate measurements of vertical displacements (V(disp)) of a single point on sacrum as an estimate of the whole body centre of mass (CoM) V(disp) during treadmill running and (2) to compare three methods for measuring this single point. These methods were based on a position transducer (PT), accelerometers (AMs) and an optoelectronic(More)
Force generation during sit-to-walk (STW) post-stroke is a poorly studied area, although STW is a common daily transfer giving rise to a risk of falling in persons with disability. The purpose of this study was to describe and compare strategies for anterior-posterior (AP) force generation prior to seat-off during the STW transfer in both subjects with(More)
This paper focuses on how the accuracy of marker-less human motion capture is affected by the number of camera views used. Specifically, we compare the 3D reconstructions calculated from single and multiple cameras. We perform our experiments on data consisting of video from multiple cameras synchronized with ground truth 3D motion, obtained from a motion(More)
This study incorporated variations in speed and the horizontal resistance acting upon elite female skiers during double poling (DP) on a treadmill and specifically analyzed biomechanical adaptations to these variations. Whole body kinematics and pole force data were recorded and used to calculate the moment of force acting on the shoulder and elbow joints.(More)