Kiyoung Lee

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BACKGROUND Maternal exposure to wood fuel smoke may lead to impaired fetal growth due to hypoxia and or oxidative stress from smoke constituents such as carbon monoxide and particulate matter. OBJECTIVES We studied the risk of low birth weight (LBW) and reduced mean birth weight in relation to reported use of wood for cooking during the prenatal period,(More)
We give a new, manifestly spacetime-supersymmetric method for calculating superstring scattering amplitudes, using the ghost pyramid, that is simpler than all other known methods. No pictures nor non-vertex insertions are required other than the usual b and c ghosts of the bosonic string. We evaluate some tree and loop amplitudes as examples.
Recent recommendations for wood dust sampling include sampling according to the inhalable convention of International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 7708 (1995) Air quality--particle size fraction definitions for health-related sampling. However, a specific sampling device is not mandated, and while several samplers have laboratory performance(More)
Nitrous acid (HONO) may be generated by heterogeneous reactions of nitrogen dioxide and direct emission from combustion sources. Interactions among nitrogen oxides and ozone are important for outdoor photochemical reactions. However, little is known of indoor HONO levels or the relationship between residential HONO, NO(2), and O(3) concentrations in(More)
In this paper a simple signal segmentation algorithm is introduced. The algorithm determines the epochs of signal components of interest based on signal characteristic such as amplitude, slope, deflection width, or distance between neighboring deflections. The epochs are segmented indirectly by means of a slope trace wave that traces a signal with its(More)
This paper introduces a new approach to process biomedical signals by surgically removing wave deflections in time domain. The method first determines the epochs of high frequency deflections, cuts out them from the signal, and then connects the two disconnected points. To determine the epoch of a deflection to be removed, four slope trace waves are used to(More)
BACKGROUND Relationships among portable scanning mobility particle sizer (P-SMPS), condensation particle counter (CPC), and surface area monitor (SAM), which are different metric measurement devices, were investigated, and two widely used research grade (RG)-SMPSs were compared to harmonize the measurement protocols. METHODS Pearson correlation analysis(More)
Concepts of non-volatile memory to replace conventional flash memory have suffered from low material reliability and high off-state current, and the use of a thick, rigid blocking oxide layer in flash memory further restricts vertical scale-up. Here, we report a two-terminal floating gate memory, tunnelling random access memory fabricated by a monolayer(More)
Self-organized TiO2-nanotube layers can be used for immunoassay-type sensing in combination with amplifying CdTe labels in a direct and very sensitive electrochemiluminescent (ECL) configuration. Key properties for this method are the conductivity of the TiO2 nanotubes, and their transparency for light emitted from the CdTe labels at approximately 2.4 eV.(More)