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OBJECTIVES This study aimed to verify the influence of odor on the endocrine system (Cortisol, Testosterone). MATERIAL AND METHODS Three odors (Musk, Rose and Floral) and air were given to 16 healthy volunteers (8 males, 8 females), and cortisol (C) and testosterone (T) levels were measured before and after stimulation. RESULTS Each odor decreased(More)
  • Kiyoto Kuda
  • Folia psychiatrica et neurologica japonica
  • 1977
The effects of diazepam (5 mg), chlorpromazine (CPZ, 12.5 mg) and amobarbital (100 mg) on the contingent negative variation (CNV) at Cz and Oz were studied in groups of 10 subjects each. Amobarbital and placebo were given by the double-blind crossover method. Two kinds of experimental paradigms were used: Click (warning stimulus, S1)--flashes (imperative(More)
The effect of 25 mg of chlorpromazine (CPZ) on the contingent negative variation (CNV) at Cz and Oz was studied in nine male subjects. Two kinds of warning stimulus (S1)--imperative stimulus--and motor response (MR) were used. A click as S1 was common to both, while either flashes or electrical stimulation was used as S2. Simultaneously with CNV recording,(More)
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