Kiyotaka Murata

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The experiments using guinea pigs and rabbits were carried out to examine cochlear microphonics during hyperbaric oxygenation. The changes of cochlear microphonics were divided into four stages: initial response, oxygen effect, negative oxygen effect and recovery. High pressure oxygen over 3.0 ATA · O2 is absolutely harmful to the inner ear. Initial(More)
BACKGROUND Allergen-specific immunotherapy, although not a cure, remains the only treatment available that can alter the natural course of an allergic disease. However, the risk of allergen specific immunotherapy-related systemic reactions (SRs), reported to occur in approximately 1% to 14% of patients and which can range from mild to fatal in seriousness,(More)
We report a case of calcific retropharyngeal tendonitis that was difficult to distinguish from retropharyngeal abscess. The patient was a 34-year-old woman who complained of severe cervical pain and stiffness for 1 day. She had a fever and moderately elevated WBC. Fine needle aspiration of the swollen region of the retropharyngeal wall could not elucidate(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the clinicopathologic correlations of otologic complaints in patients with acute lymphocytic leukemia. DESIGN Otologic complaints and histologic findings were evaluated in 25 temporal bones of 13 acute lymphocytic leukemia patients. RESULTS Nine patients had a history of otologic complaints, including hearing loss, otalgia,(More)
OBJECTIVES The pathophysiology of tinnitus is obscure and its treatment is therefore elusive. Significant progress in this field can only be achieved by determining the mechanisms of tinnitus generation, and thus, histopathologic findings of the cochlea in presbycusis with tinnitus become crucial. We revealed the histopathologic findings of the cochlea in(More)
BACKGROUND The processes of malignant tumour invasion and metastasis are known to include the destruction of cell stroma and vascular basement membrane. It has been suggested that type IV collagenase degrades type IV collagen, a main component of the basement membrane. METHODS In our study, type IV collagenase activity in human thyroid tumours was(More)
OBJECTIVE Generally, postclimacteric women are susceptible to xerostomia. Therefore, correlations between xerostomia and sex hormones have been studied. Previously, we reported that a reduction of estrogen (belongs to female hormones) could have influence on age-related histological changes in female rat parotids induced by apoptosis. One component of(More)
OBJECTIVE Time intensity curves for gadolinium-diethylenetriaminepentaceticacid (Gd-DTPA) enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), namely dynamic MRI, were determined for thyroid diseases, and compared with findings of histopathologic examination. METHODS Time intensity curves for the thyroid tumors were determined. Three different patterns of time(More)