Kiyotaka Murata

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OBJECTIVES The pathophysiology of tinnitus is obscure and its treatment is therefore elusive. Significant progress in this field can only be achieved by determining the mechanisms of tinnitus generation, and thus, histopathologic findings of the cochlea in presbycusis with tinnitus become crucial. We revealed the histopathologic findings of the cochlea in(More)
Laryngeal plasmacytoma is rare in Japan; to the best of our knowledge, only 8 other cases have been previously reported. We report a new case of extramedullary plasmacytoma of the larynx in a 76-year-old Japanese woman. Immunohistochemical investigation revealed that her disease had not progressed to multiple myeloma. The patient declined radiotherapy, and(More)
HYPOTHESIS We hypothesize that the connections between the hematopoietic bone marrow and middle ear is a potential cause of childhood otogenic meningitis. BACKGROUND Although it is known that there is a causal relationship between otitis media and bacterial meningitis, the relationship has never been satisfactorily established. Human fetal and infant(More)
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